A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

!WARNING! I don't have an opportunity to test PC build, so maybe will be work only Mac Os.

This is my first Leap motion app that I planning to improve.

During developing I attracted my friend - piano player for better understand the specifics of the piano gestures.

Features list:

All 88 sounds of the piano, but only 5 octaves available for hands.

Changing camera for different viewpoints.

List of scheduled improvements:

Ability to scroll piano keys by gesture

Ability to save and load melody

Musical board with different musical compositions sorted by difficulty levels.

Improving of key pressing

Install instructions

For MacOs - just open file AirPiano_MadRockGames.app

For Win version - you will need to unpack the archive, and find thee "AirPiano_PC.exe" file. !WARNING! There is a chance that the PC version will not work


AirPiano_MadRockGames.app.zip 34 MB
AirPiano_PC.zip 33 MB